Industrial Path Solutions

IPS is a math based software tool for automatic verification of assembly feasibility, design of flexible components, motion planning and optimization of multi-robot stations, and simulation of key surface treatment processes. IPS successfully implements the potential of the virtual world. IPS is developed by FCC and distributed by IPS AB and fleXstructures.

IPS Cable Simulation


Efficient assembly solutions related to rigid parts are often determined early in the product realization phases with digital tools. However, these tools often fundamentally lack the technology to accurately simulate flexible parts. Examples of flexible parts in the automotive industry are air…

IPS Path Planner


Virtually verifying that products can be assembled and subsequently disassembled for service purposes is an important activity within geometry simulation in the manufacturing industry. Methods and software for automatically generating collision free assembly paths are therefore of great interest. Also, off-line programming…

IPS Robot Optimization


In today’s automotive industry, although most development is done virtually, some decisions still lack a solid mathematical basis.  IPS Robot Optimization is an intuitive software applications which, when presented with geometry and tcp positions of for instance stud welds, guarantees optimal and…

IPS Virtual Paint – Spray


IPS Virtual Paint is the first software capable of performing accurate spray painting simulations in only a few hours on a standard computer. Our customers in the automotive industry use the software in the product preparation phase to fine-tune the robot paths…

IPS Virtual Paint – Sealing


An innovative software for simulation of sealing spray in automotive paint shops has been developed. The software is based on research within the MERA and FFI programs funded by Vinnova. Our research partners are Volvo Cars, Scania, AB Volvo and Swerea IVF.…



In the project Intelligently Moving Manikin (IMMA), FCC cooperates with Volvo, Volvo Cars, Innovatum, SAAB Automobile, Scania CV, Virtual Manufacturing Sweden, Chalmers, Lund University and University of Skövde to develop a tool for ergonomics combined with path planning. In order to analyze…



IPS IBOFlow is our state-of-the-art flow solver designed for complex industrial multiphase and free surface flows applications. Many important industrial applications involve multiphase and free surface flows as well as moving and interacting bodies. Such applications constitute a major challenge for the…

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