Engineering Industry

In our focus area Engineering Industry we strive to be a leading developer of mathematical tools and algorithms supporting virtual product and process development of assembled products. Since we were founded in 2001, we have developed software tools that have revolutionized the way of working with simulation in e.g the automotive industry. We provide solutions for simulation of flexible cables and hoses, path planning, robot optimization, surface treatment, ergonomics and much more.

Have a look at the selection of research projects below and imagine what we could do for your company.

Point Cloud Achievements


FCC has developed new algorithms and software tools for laser scanned point clouds supporting manufacturing industry to maximize equipment utilization, save time and enhance their competitiveness. The development has been in close cooperation with Volvo Cars, Wingquist Laboratory, the Production Area of…

Intelligently Moving Manikin


Better ergonomics in assembly plants reduce work related operator injuries, improve quality, productivity and reduce cost. Motivated by this, new methods, algorithms and software tools for fast and easy evaluation of assembly ergonomics considering human diversity have been developed in the IMMA…

Design and Assembly Analysis of Flexibles


Environmental friendly propulsion systems based on electricity and battery technology has resulted in a dramatically increased usage of complex cables and hoses in the vehicles. For virtual product realization this means new and fundamental demands on the simulation to support design, assembly…

Virtual Paint Shop – Spray Painting


The goal of this project is to develop new simulation algorithms and tools for paint and surface treatment processes in automotive paint shops. The project is part of Vinnova’s FFI program for Sustainable Production Technology that supports the Swedish automotive industry and…

Automatic Path Planning and Line Balancing


In today’s automotive industry, although most development is done virtually, some decisions still lack a solid mathematical basis. In order to make the manufacturing engineering process more efficient, FCC and Wingquist Laboratory at Chalmers have worked with Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Saab…

Virtual Paint Shop – Sealing


The goal of this project is to develop new methods, algorithms and simulation tools for paint and surface treatment processes in automotive paint shops. The project is part of Vinnova’s FFI program towards sustainable production technology and our research partners are Volvo…

Efficient Geometry Inspection and Off-line Programming


Volvo Cars is now implementing a new process and software support based on RD&T and IPS for Inspection Preparation and Automatic Off-line Programming of CMMs. The return of investment will be faster inspection preparation, programming and improved measurement equipment utilization. The implementation…

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