A Heuristic Framework for Path Planning the Largest Volume Object from a Start to Goal Configuration

E. Shellshear, R. Bohlin. 11th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2014)


In this article we present a heuristic algorithm to compute the largest volume of an object in three dimensions that can move collision-free from a start configuration to a goal configuration through a virtual environment. The results presented here provide industrial designers with a framework to reduce the number of design iterations when designing parts to be placed in tight spaces.


This work was carried out at the Wingquist Laboratory VINN Excellence Centre, and is part of the Sustainable Production Initiative and the Production Area of Advance at Chalmers University of Technology. It was supported by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

Authors and Affiliations

  • E. Shellshear, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre
  • R. Bohlin, Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre

Photo credits: Nic McPhee