Innovative software is the best tool to bridge the gap between mathematics and industry. At FCC, we work closely with the industry to make sure that the algorithms developed by us is packaged in a software which is easy to use and intuitive. To do this most of the software is delivered on our software platform IPS, Industrial Path Solutions. Depending on the application different technologies are put together to solve the specific problem. Over the years a set of core technologies have been developed. Together, they build up unique tools which are used by hundreds of engineers around the world. One example is the software IPS Cable Simulation, where the technologies Computational Structural Mechanics, FEM, Collision handling, Modeling of flexible objects and Kinematics are packaged in the IPS interface.

Other software

NLMEModeling is a Mathematica application for parameter estimation of nonlinear mixed-effects models of dynamical systems given time-series data from a set of subjects.

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