Focus Areas

In projects with more than 160 clients we have shown how modelling, simulation and optimization can support product and process development, improve efficiency and cut costs in both large and small companies. Some of the larger-scale projects can be found here in Focus Areas. These projects are in line with Chalmers Areas of Advance; Production, Materials Science, Life Science Engineering and ICT.

Engineering Industry

In our focus area Engineering Industry we strive to be a leading developer of mathematical tools and algorithms supporting virtual product and process development of assembled products. Since we were founded in 2001, we have developed software tools that have revolutionized the…

Life Science

Computational tools and techniques for systems and data analysis are key to gaining better understanding of processes and products as well as to optimizing their performance. This holds true regardless of the applications being of technical or biological character since on a…

Paper and Packaging

Within our focus area Paper and Packaging we work closely with the industry to develop unique simulation tools for papermaking and paperboard package quality. Our costumers use the tools to develop products with increased functionality but with less material and energy input, which…


Within our focus area electronics we develop software tools for simulating jet printing and cooling of electronics. These demanding multiphysics applications are perfectly suited for our in-house software tools. Our industrial partners use our technologies to optimize their products and processes.

Information and Communication Technologies

Within our focus area Information and Communication Technologies we perform projects related to system modelling, data analysis, signal processing, machine learning and video enhancement. In line with Chalmers area of advance ICT our researchers strive to deliver state of the art technology within this field.

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