FCC is offering contract research, services, algorithms and software based on advanced mathematics within Modeling, Simulation and Optimization (MSO). MSO provides a significant leading edge in industrial innovation of products and production systems. Since the start in 2001, we have successfully proved this together with clients from the automotive and vehicle, pharmaceutical, wood and paper, and electronics industries. Examples include the simulation of electrostatic spray painting, the optimization of robot stations and lines, the modeling and simulation of drug compound distribution and effect, and the edge wicking of paper boards.

Annual income from industry, public projects, public grants and founders from 2001 to 2017.

We have performed over 450 projects for over 160 industrial clients and public research agencies such as SSF, VINNOVA and the EU. Our work and technologies have helped clients mainly in Sweden, but also in Germany, US, Finland, Denmark, Japan and Great Britain. However, the full potential of using advanced mathematics in industry is far from reached and new technologies together with increased efforts in marketing and sales will hopefully continue our growth.

To be attractive for our clients, founders and employees in the long run, the scientific activities of FCC are important. For example, in 2018, we have so far published 9 journal articles (additionally 3 more articles are accepted for publication) and 18 conference papers. We can also congratulate one of our coworkers who earned his Licentiate degree during 2018. Also, twelve students from Chalmers has been working half a day a week as contracted students and twelve students from Chalmers did their Master thesis work at FCC.

A great advantage for FCC is the possibility of long term collaborations with Fraunhofer and Chalmers. The cooperation and exchange of projects with ITWM involves a variety of subjects such as metrology, biomechanics, the simulation of flexibles, position tracking systems, product configuration optimization, the simulation of ultra-fast electronics, and genome analytics such as next generation sequencing. We have also grown our cooperation with several other Fraunhofer units.

The FCC model.
The FCC model.

The well-established collaboration with Chalmers centres and departments includes projects, grant applications, guest lectures, PhDs and master students with Wingquist Laboratory, Product and Production Development, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Fluid Dynamics, Biomedical Engineering, Chalmers e-Science Centre CheSC, Signals and Systems, Nuclear Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences. FCC is also very active in Production and Life Science Engineering within the Areas of Advance.




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