A numerical framework for simulation of swirled adhesive application

S Ingelsten, R Kádár, A Mark, F Edelvik. Annual Transactions of the Nordic Rheology Society, Vol. 27, August 2019.


A numerical framework for simulation of swirled adhesive application along arbitrary robot motions and substrate geometries is presented. The momentum and continuity equations are solved on a Cartesian octree grid using a finite volume discretization. A viscoelastic constitutive model is used to describe the complex rheology of the adhesive and is solved using a previously presented Lagrangian-Eulerian method. The flow from the nozzle to the target surface is modelled using experimental data, and a projected injection model is used to add adhesive material in the simulation close to the surface. The two-phase flow of adhesive and air is then simulated. Numerical results are compared with experimental data and good agreement is found.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee