A numerical multiscale method for fiber networks

M. Görtz, G. Kettil, A. Målqvist, A. Mark, F. Edelvik. WCCM-ECCOMAS 2020 proceedings, Paris, France, July 2020.


Fiber network modeling can be used for studying mechanical properties of paper [1]. The individual fibers and the bonds in-between constitute a detailed representation of the material. However, detailed microscale fiber network models must be resolved with efficient numerical methods. In this work, a numerical multiscale method for discrete network models is proposed that is based on the localized orthogonal decomposition method [4]. The method is ideal for these network problems, because it reduces the maximum size of the problem, it is suitable for parallelization, and it can effectively solve fracture propagation.

The problem analyzed in this work is the nodal displacement of a fiber network given an applied load. This problem is formulated as a linear system that is solved by using the aforementioned multiscale method. To solve the linear system, the multiscale method constructs a low-dimensional solution space with good approximation properties [5, 2]. The method is observed to work well for unstructured fiber networks, with optimal rates of convergence obtainable for highly localized configurations of the method.


Photo credits: Nic McPhee