A Robust Design Perspective on Factors Influencing Geometric Quality in Metal Additive Manufacturing

V. R. Sagar, S. Lorin, K. Wärmefjord, R. Söderberg. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 1-35, 12 October 2020.


Additive manufacturing (AM) for metals is a widely researched, continuously enhanced manufacturing process and is implemented across various industries. However, the AM process exhibits variation that affects the geometric quality of the end product. The effect of process variation on geometric quality is rarely considered during design stages. This paper discusses the various sources that contribute to geometric variation and the prospect of applying robust design method to produce geometry assured AM products. A framework for geometric robustness analysis of AM products is presented as an outcome. This framework would facilitate development of methods and tools to produce geometry assured AM products. The prospects of variation simulation to support geometric robustness analysis and the challenges associated with it are discussed.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee