A virtual framework for simulation of complex viscoelastic flows

S. Ingelsten, J. Göhl, A. Mark, F. Edelvik. In proceedings from 51st Conference on Manufacturing Systems - CIRP CMS 2018, Stockholm, May 2018, Procedia CIRP, 72:392-397, 2018.


A framework is presented and demonstrated in which extrusion and laydown of viscoelastic fluids can be simulated. Examples include application of seam sealing and adhesive material, and additive manufacturing processes. A state of the art fluid flow solver is used to solve the flow equations and various rheological constitutive models are supported, such as shear thinning viscosity models or more complex viscoelastic stress models. With connection to robot path planning software the framework can be used in the product preparation phase to improve quality, reduce material consumption and commissioning time.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee