Applied Calibration and Validation Method of Dynamic Process Simulation for Crushing Plants

K. Bhadani, G. Asbjörnsson, B. Schnitzer, J. Quist, C. Hansson, E. Hulthén, M. Evertsson. Minerals 11, no. 9: 921. 25 August 2021.


There is a need within the production industry for digitalization and the development of meaningful functionality for production operation. One such industry is aggregate production, characterized by continuous production operation, where the digital transformation can bring operational adaptability to customer demand. Dynamic process simulations have the ability to capture the change in production performance of aggregate production over time. However, there is a need to develop cost-efficient methodologies to integrate calibrations and validation of models. This paper presents a method of integrating an experimental and data-driven approach for calibration and validation for crushing plant equipment and a process model. The method uses an error minimization optimization formulation to calibrate the equipment models, followed by the validation of the process model. The paper discusses various details such as experimental calibration procedure, applied error functions, optimization problem formulation, and the future development needed to completely realize the procedure for industrial use. The validated simulation model can be used for performing process planning and process optimization activities for the crushing plant’s operation.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee