Controller Hierarchies for Efficient Virtual Ergonomic Assessments of Manual Assembly Sequences

P. Mårdberg, Y. Yan, R. Bohlin, N. Delfs, S. Gustafsson, J.S. Carlson. Procedia CIRP, 6th CIRP Conference on Assembly Technologies and Systems (CATS), 16-18 May, 2016. Volume 44, 2016, Pages 435–440.


A novel framework for manikin motion planning has been implemented to reduce the time needed to perform virtual ergonomic assessments of manual assembly sequences. The user feeds high level instructions into a hierarchical controller system. Depending on the state of the manikin and the objects in the environment, the controllers compute a sequence of low level instructions interpreted as path planning instances for the manikin. The result is automatically generated collision-free and ergonomically sound motions that accomplish the assembly tasks. The framework is demonstrated on relevant cases from the industry and the reduction in manual simulation preparation time is proven.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee