Data-informed design in the automotive industry: customer acceptance study in Sweden and China on radical car design

K. Stylidis, B. Quattelbaum, F. Konrad, J. Simpson, S. Lorin, R. Söderberg. Proceedings of the Design Society, Vol. 4, pp 805-814, Online 16 May 2024.


This study explores the alignment between automotive design innovation and consumer acceptance, particularly in the context of two significant trends: electrification and digitalization. We probed the acceptance of replacing rear window with wide-angle camera We surveyed 1,546 potential customers from China and Sweden to assess their openness to such a radical design. Findings suggest a consensus on its futuristic appeal but diverge in adoption willingness. The study offers insights to bridge the design preference gap, positioning customer acceptance as key for car design strategy.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee