Efficient Simulation of Convective Ovens in Automotive Paintshops

T. Johnson, A. Mark, N. Sandgren, L. Erhardsson, S. Sandgren, F. Edelvik. Journal of Heat Transfer. September 2022, 144(9):094501. Online June 7 2022.


Heat transfer modeling of large industrial ovens such as those used in automotive paintshops is difficult due to the large and multiple scales and long curing times. The flow inside a convective oven is turbulent, and the process includes large temperature gradients. An efficient simulation requires a simplified and localized model of the heat transfer coupling. We present a novel method with three ingredients: localization using local Nusselt numbers of the oven nozzles, projection of Nusselt number profiles onto the target, and efficient conduction modeling on a coarse background mesh. The approach, which was developed in a research project together with the Swedish automotive industry, makes it possible to accurately simulate a curing oven with close to real-time performance. The simulation results are demonstrated to be in close agreement with measurements from automotive production.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee