Hemostatic effects of the ticagrelor antidote MEDI2452 in pigs treated with ticagrelor on a background of aspirin

S. Pehrsson, K.J. Johansson, A. Janefeldt, A-S Sandinge, S. Maqbool, J. Goodman, J. Sanchez, J. Almquist, P. Gennemark, S. Nylander. J Thromb Haemost 2017; 15: 1213–22. 11 May 2017.



  • MEDI2452 is a specific antidote of the platelet P2Y12 receptor antagonist ticagrelor.
  • Hemostatic effects of MEDI2452 were evaluated in pigs treated with ticagrelor and aspirin.
  • MEDI2452 eliminated free ticagrelor within 5 min and gradually normalized platelet aggregation.
  • Improvements in blood pressure (significant) and in blood-loss and survival (non-significant) were observed.


Photo credits: Nic McPhee