Implementation of a Rapidly Executing Robot Controller

D. Gleeson, C. Larsen, J.S. Carlson, B. Lennartsson. 2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), p.1341-1346. Vancouver, Canada, 22-26 August, 2019.


This article describes the implementation of a high level and rapidly executing robot controller. It can be used to emulate the trajectory a robot will follow, given a set of robot motion commands. A geometric path parameterisation is used, which is tuned to match observed controller behaviour. It is also shown how this path is time stamped, while fulfilling velocity and acceleration constraints to produce a robot trajectory. The behaviour of the controller can emulate the behaviour of official controllers from robot vendors by parameter identification. The trajectory has been compared to an ABB 6640 robot, using an ABB virtual controller environment, and to sampled robot trajectory experiments of the KUICA robots KR 30–3 and IIWA. Good agreement with the geometric trajectories of the ABB robot and the IIWA robot has been achieved. For the KR 30–3 robot the proposed method does not fully capture the observed controller behaviour, but the resulting deviations are still within fractions of a degree for the test trajectories used.


Photo credits: Nic McPhee