Information Technology in Systems Biology

H. Schmidt, M. Jirstrand, and O. Wolkenhauer. Invited article for it-Information Technology, 2006, 48(3), 133-139.

Information technology is an important part within the highly interdisciplinary scientific field of systems biology. In this paper we are presenting an overview over systems biology, focusing on the information technological aspects, current developments, and future challenges.

We have given an overview over the highly interdisciplinary area of systems biology, highlighting the role of information technology and related challenges in the different tasks.

While, of course, the efficient implementation of simulation and analysis algorithms is an important issue, a lot of work, involving information technological aspects, has been done and still needs to be carried out in the design and development of databases, and the development of languages allowing to represent general biological models in an efficient and elegant way.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee