Joining in Nonrigid Variation Simulation

K. Wärmefjord, R. Söderberg, B. Lindau, L. Lindkvist and S. Lorin. Prof. Razvan Udroiu (Ed.), InTech. Computer-aided Technologies - Applications in Engineering and Medicine, chap 3, p. 41-68. December 7, 2016.


Geometrical variation is closely related to fulfillment of both functional and esthetical requirements on the final product. To investigate the fulfillment of those requirements, Monte Carlo (MC)-based variation simulations can be executed in order to predict the levels of geometrical variation on subassembly and/or product level. If the variation simulations are accurate enough, physical tests and try-outs can be replaced, which reduce cost and lead-time. To ensure high accuracy, the joining process is important to include in the variation simulation. In this chapter, an overview of nonrigid variation simulation is given and aspects such as the type and number of joining points, the joining sequence and joining forces are discussed.

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