Math-Based Algorithms and Software for Virtual Product Realization Implemented in Automotive Paint Shops

F. Edelvik, A. Mark, N. Karlsson, T. Johnson, J. S. Carlson. Math for the Digital Factory. Mathematics in Industry, vol 27, pp 231-251, 22 July 2017.


We present a simulation framework that makes it possible to accurately simulate spray painting of e.g. a truck cab in only a few hours on a standard computer. This is an extreme improvement compared to earlier approaches that require weeks of simulation time. Unique algorithms for coupled simulations of air flows, electrostatic fields and charged paint particles make this possible. In addition, we demonstrate that the same framework can be used to efficiently simulate the laydown of sealing or adhesive material. In the virtual paint factory the production preparation process can be performed in the computer, which allows the engineers to replace physical prototypes with virtual ones to shorten the lead time in product development, and avoid future unforeseen technological and environmental problems that can be extremely costly if they are discovered at the end of the production line, or even worse by the costumer.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee