Multicriteria Optimization of an Oven with a Novel ε-constraint Based Sandwiching Method

D. Nowak, T. Johnson, A. Mark, C. Ireholm, F. Pezzotti, L. Erhardsson, D. Ståhlberg, F. Edelvik, K-H Küfer. Journal of Heat Transfer, 143(1) 012101, online 4 November 2020


Oven curing of automotive parts is a complex industrial process involving multiple scales ranging from submillimeter thick layers to the size of the ovens, and long curing times. In this work, the process is simulated by state-of-the-art immersed boundary techniques. First, the simulations are validated against temperature measurements, in a lab scale oven, of three parts taken from a truck cab. Second, a novel multicriteria optimization method is proposed. It is applied to study the optimal positioning of the three parts with respect to curing time and energy consumption. The results presented demonstrate that complex industrial heat transfer processes can be optimized by combining state-of-the-art simulation technology and deterministic optimization techniques.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee