Multiobjective Optimization of a Heat-Sink Design Using the Sandwiching Algorithm and an Immersed Boundary Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver

T. Andersson, D. Nowak, T. Johnson, A. Mark, F. Edelvik, K. K├╝fer. ASME. J. Heat Transfer. 2018;140(10):102002-102002-10, 25 May 2018.


The thermal management is an ever increasing challenge in advanced electronic devices. In this paper, simulation-based optimization is applied to improve the design of a plate- fin heat-sink in terms of operational cost and thermal performance. The proposed framework combines a conjugate heat transfer solver, a CAD engine and an adapted Sandwiching algorithm. A key feature is the use of novel immersed boundary (IB) techniques that allows for automated meshing which is perfectly suited for parametric design optimization.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee