OODIDA: On-Board/Off-Board Distributed Real-Time Data Analytics for Connected Vehicles

G. Ulm, S. Smith, A. Nilsson, E. Gustavsson, M. Jirstrand. Data Science and Engineering Vol. 6, pages102–117(2021). 22 January 2021.


A fleet of connected vehicles easily produces many gigabytes of data per hour, making centralized (off-board) data processing impractical. In addition, there is the issue of distributing tasks to on-board units in vehicles and processing them efficiently. Our solution to this problem is On-board/Off-board Distributed Data Analytics (OODIDA), which is a platform that tackles both task distribution to connected vehicles as well as concurrent execution of tasks on arbitrary subsets of edge clients. Its message-passing infrastructure has been implemented in Erlang/OTP, while the end points use a language-independent JSON interface. Computations can be carried out in arbitrary programming languages. The message-passing infrastructure of OODIDA is highly scalable, facilitating the execution of large numbers of concurrent tasks.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee