Robust Contact Computation in Non-Rigid Variation Simulation

R. S. Tabar, S. Lorin, L. Lindkvist, K. Wärmefjord, R. Söderberg. Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, August 2024, 24(8), Paper No: JCISE-23-1569, Online 7 June 2024.


In non-rigid variation simulation, contact modeling is used to avoid the virtual penetration of the components in the adjacent areas. Numerical errors and convergence issues due to the deformation behavior of the interacting surfaces are limiting the computational efficiency of solving the contact problem. In this paper, a quadratic programming approach has been introduced based on the Lagrangian multiplier method for robust contact modeling in non-rigid variation simulation, and the performance of the proposed approach has been compared to the previously applied iterative and barrier function methods. The methods have been compared on three industrial reference cases, and the convergence and time-efficiency of each method are compared. The results show that robust optimization of the quadratic program associated with the contact model is highly dependent on the reduced stiffness matrix condition. Furthermore, it has been shown that robust and efficient contact computation in non-rigid variation simulation is achievable through the proposed augmented Lagrangian method.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee