Space Boards: Combining Tangible Interfaces with the Surrounding Space via RGB-D Cameras

E. Shellshear. International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics (IJCICG), 7(1), 40-56, January 2016.


This paper introduces a novel take on a well-known user interface that combines the advantages of a number of new technologies. In particular, it presents a new tangible interface with an interactive surrounding space. It demonstrates the technology in an exciting user case as a printed keyboard and hand-gesture based mouse that provides one with an easy-to-use text and virtual mouse input for situations where such a medium is difficult to use (e.g. virtual keyboards for tablets and smartphones) or non-existent (e.g. gaming consoles such as the Microsoft Kinect). It also examines other applications and design questions that arise from such an interface.


Photo credits: Nic McPhee