Thin Sheet Modeling Using Shell Elements in the Finite-Element Time-Domain Method

E. Abenius, F. Edelvik, IEEE Transaction and Antennas and Propagation, 2006, 54(1), 28-34.


The ability to model features that are small relative to the cell size is often important in electromagnetic simulations. In this paper, the focus is on modeling of thin material sheets and coatings in the finite-element time-domain method.

The proposed method is based on degenerated prism elements, so-called shell elements. For a dielectric sheet the thickness is assumed small compared to the wavelength for all frequencies of interest. An important characteristic of the method is that it takes the discontinuity of the normal electric field component at a dielectric interface into account. The accuracy of the method is demonstrated for three different scattering cases. Comparisons are made with analytical data and results obtained on grids for which the thickness of the sheets is resolved. Good agreement is observed in all cases.

Photo credits: Nic McPhee