Algeno smart building heating control system is a cloud-based software service originally developed by Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre, which provides a scalable solution for heat management in multi-family buildings based on advanced control methodology, optimization, and artificial intelligence.

The developed algorithms learn the thermal properties of buildings, including time-varying internal thermal loads. The obtained dynamical system models together with available external information such current weather, forecasts, and energy tariff information are utilized together with model predictive control methodology to optimize heating systems and control the stock of apartment temperatures in multi-family buildings based on the property owner’s set goals and conditions.

The smart building heating control system software has been developed in close collaboration with Örebrobostäder AB, one of Sweden’s largest public housing companies. The solution is provided as software-as-a-service and is distributed and further developed by the FCC spin-out company Algeno AB.

Algeno – ALGorithms for ENergy Optimization!

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