The 15th and 16th of June 2016 almost 100 IPS users and developers from 28 different global companies came together to attend the conference at Scandic Rubinen located at what probably is Swedens most famous boulevard: the Avenue in Gothenburg.

The conference offered the guests excellent opportunities to share their experiences and knowledge about the IPS Cable Simulation software. With two days filled of presentations on usecases by simulation experts from the companies, the discussions were fruitful and led to both new ideas on how to work with the software as well as ideas on developing further functionalities. For us working with developing IPS it is always a joy to see all the different applications that people come up with. And more importantly, seeing IPS help solve all the complex problems that engineers face in their work.

Some highlights of the conference include:

  • Seeing the results of opening up IPS for the user to write their own LUA scripts to enhance functionality
  • All of the optimization usecases and success stories where IPS Cable Simulation had led to major improvements
  • Integration of IPS with different PLM systems
  • Displaying new functionality of the latest IPS 3.1 release
  • Meeting the ghost of William Chalmers at a conference dinner at the House of Chalmers

During breaks people had a chance to network with each other and some were actually interviewed briefly about their thoughts on the conference and IPS usage in general. The persons that were interviewed used IPS on almost daily basis and were happy about attending the conference. The notion was that an event like this was good to get inspiration from others’ work with IPS, networking and reconnecting with people you haven’t met for a while (maybe since the last conference?). Here are some selected quotes from these small chats:

“Our relationship with IPS and FCC has been a very innovative, collaborative relationship. It has been very back and forth, we’ll throw something at you, you come up with an idea, give it back to us and the timing is just unbelievable… You guys have been very responsive. It is this type of relationship that nurtures innovation.”

“If it moves, it’s a candidate! [for IPS simulation]”

Experienced IPS User and Mechanical CAD Engineer

“The best thing with the conference has been to connect with the IPS crew and get the latest findings”

– Anton Berce, Simulation Engineer at China-Europe Vehicle Technology (CEVT)

“I think the user conference has been really good. For our part we have taken a lot of inspiration from the presentations, particularly Volvo PV. It is always interesting to see how IPS is used and to see the different software products.”

Susanne Boderos, Mechanical Integration Engineer at National Electric Vehicle Sweden NEVS

“The LUA-scripting functionality was an aha moment and seems incredibly useful!”

Peter Henriksson, Simulation Engineer at Volvo Cars

“The examples of connections with IPS and Catia were particularly interesting”

Gonta Tanaka, CAE Engineer at HONDA

So to summarize, the conference was a great success in all aspects except for the occasionally rainy Gothenburg weather. To all the people who attended and contributed to making such a great user conference we want to express our sincerest gratitude. It is thanks to all of you engaged and passionate IPS users that we can make great things happen!