CellStat is a tool for quantitative analysis of in vivo imaging of yeast cells in microscopy. The emphasis lies on robust methodologies, which enables long time-lapse studies of protein localization, migration, and inheritance over several cell cycles, as well as high throughput screening of protein functionality of a large number of gene-disrupted cells. 

CellStat is a plug-in for Matlab with a graphical user interface that incorporates automated recognition and tracking of yeast cells from transmission microscope images with quantification and localization of GFP-labeled proteins using fluorescence microscopy. The recognition part features gradient based segmentation, boundary tracing, neck point detection, ellipse fitting, and a highly specialized dynamic programming scheme while the tracking utilizes the Hungarian algorithm. CellStat currently runs under Windows® 32-bit with Matlab® from Mathworks installed (no toolboxes required). A version of CellStat can be supplied on request by email to cellstat@fcc.chalmers.se.

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