In the project Intelligently Moving Manikin (IMMA), FCC cooperates with Volvo, Volvo Cars, Innovatum, SAAB Automobile, Scania CV, Virtual Manufacturing Sweden, Chalmers, Lund University and University of Skövde to develop a tool for ergonomics combined with path planning.

In order to analyze and control biomechanical motions performed by humans during assembly of e.g. cars, virtual modelling of mannequins is of great interest for the manufacturing industry. This is addressed in the ProViking 2 project IMMA by development of a computer environment where analyses of motions can be performed already in the production development phase.

Such analyses minimize the risk of potential body joint and muscle problems for assembly personnel. Also, mannequin analyses will help ensuring that the assembly motions are collision free both for the human and the object to be assembled. This type of computer analysis contributes to a more effective assembly process with a reduced number of injuries and a higher level of quality.

The IMMA project goal is to develop a user friendly path planning tool that

  • Finds a collision free path for the component’s and human’s geometry during manual assembly
  • Considers human diversity, minimizes biomechanical load and increases quality and efficiency of assembly
  • Reduces simulation and analysis time with at least 40%

The results in the IMMA project will be a software demonstrator as well as academic publications. The first official release of the IPS IMMA software will be in May 2017.

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