Computer Graphics

To get the most out of any virtual experience one needs to be able to understand what one is working with. The critical technology enabling this is high quality computer graphics. At FCC one of our main strengths is the high quality visual interfaces we produce, enabled by powerful computer graphics techniques developed in-house.

Physically based shaders
Real-time physically based shaders under different lighting conditions.


At FCC we have developed a number of algorithms that have pioneered ways of visualizing and interacting with objects. We develop and have tools that can provide users with detail information based on the visual properties of objects such as textures, lighting, color, etc. Our technology leverages the latest developments in computer architectures such as high levels of parallelism (multithreading, SIMD, GPGPU, etc.) to provide real time performance. In addition, current in-house advances provide users with the ability to visualize massive point based and triangle models.

Realtime visualization of car model
Realtime visualization of car model


High quality visualizations are essential in numerous applications of our computer graphics software such as metrology, realistic visualization for variation analysis, collision handling, and many more. As all tools developed profit from high quality graphics the developed technology is used in just about all our products.

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