Discrete Optimization

The set of tools encompassed by discrete optimization form a fundamental part of numerous optimization techniques. With more and more complex optimization problems arising every day the need for advanced discrete optimization tools has never been greater. At FCC we work on advancing the frontier of innovative and efficient usage of discrete optimization.

A typical linear programming problem
A typical linear programming problem


Discrete optimization typically provides tools for problems such as distance minimizing tours, linear maximization problems, fast sorting and searching, routing, scheduling, set covering, and many more. We not only develop new methods to solve computationally difficult problems but we also work on the successful implementation of new and old algorithms in code so that it can be used on real-life problems.

One of FCC’s greatest skills is the proficient and judicious application of the tools of discrete optimization to difficult problems. These skills lead us to being able to solve problems that others previously thought were intractable. Our pragmatic usage of customized tools has provided many operational breakthroughs for our industrial partners.

Multi robot stations require discrete optimization to find optimal collision-free paths for robots
A multi robot station

Application Areas

Numerous algorithms developed at FCC have a discrete optimization algorithm at their root. Typical applications of discrete optimization include multi robot station optimization, luggage packing optimization, basic geometric operations such as motion sweeps, and many more.

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